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Participants will be invited to meet in pairs with the artist at Wing Luke Museum to learn sashiko stitching and partake in conversation, adding to a growing tapestry inspired by the Japanese boro tradition.

Participation involves shared collaborative storytelling with one another in a respectful and inclusive environment.  Pairs will be selected at random by the artist from the list of people signed up.  Topics we may cover include childhood memories, your own personal seven wonders of the world, your family of origin, what is something you are proud of, what is something you see in others that you wish to become, what is an obstacle you have met in your life and how do you faces it, who or what do you look up to, and what brings you fulfillment and why?

Participation also includes agreement to audio recording.  Though no names will be used in the final artwork, the stories from these sashiko meetings will be looped into the installation of the piece.  Participants may choose to be acknowledged in the show and also have the choice to have their stories added to Wing Luke Museum's oral history collection.  If you are interested to learn more or know you would like to participate, please fill out the following contact form and include

·      Your full name

·      Your availability- meetings will be held the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of January, February, March and April.  January’s dates are the 26th, 27th and 28th of 2018

·      What interests you about this project?

·      Any questions you may have

Unnamed Lake will be opening in the show Lore at Wing Luke Museum June, 2018

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